VoIP Availability Manager is compatible with the following VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager versions:

  • 8.0 with the latest Patch applied.

  • 7.2 with the latest Patch applied.

    This chapter provides configuration tasks for both versions of Service Assurance Manager unless otherwise noted.

    For the 7.2 Global Manager and Adapter Platform, additional configuration tasks are required and are described in “Configuring a 7.2 Global Manager and Adapter Platform” on page 53. For Service Assurance Manager version 8.0, no modification to the DXA import mechanism is necessary since version 8.0 is already installed to accept VoIP 4.0 topological objects.

    To configure the Global Manager, you use the Global Console to do the following:

  • For the Global Manager to import topology and events from the underlying components in a VoIP Availability Manager deployment, you must configure the Global Manager with the proper data exchange adapter (DXA) files. The Global Manager integrates and correlates the imported topology and events, and relates the data to services and customers.

  • You must also configure Adapter Platform, VoIP Availability Manager, and one or more IP Availability Managers as underlying sources for the Global Manager. “Specifying the underlying domains” on page 60 describes how to specify underlying sources.

    Detailed instructions on using the Global Console to complete Global Manager configurations are provided in the VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager Configuration Guide.

    Integration with Business Impact Manager is optional. “Configuring Business Impact Manager” on page 69 provides configuration instructions for Business Impact Manager.

    In addition, VoIP client tool scripts can be configured for use with the Global Manager so that Global Console operators can access VoIP Performance Manager data. “Configuring client tools for VoIP Availability Manager” on page 70 provides configuration instructions and a list of available client tools.