A major part of configuring VoIP Availability Manager involves the setting of user configuration parameters in the files identified in User configuration files for VoIP Availability Manager.

Table 1. User configuration files for VoIP Availability Manager

Directory under BASEDIR



VoIP Core



(Described in “Description of domain.conf” on page 30.)

File in which you specify one VoIP Performance Manager and one or more IP Availability Managers as topology sources for VoIP Availability Manager.

The parameters in the domain.conf file are used to set:

  • The InstallationDirectory and ManagingServerIPAddress attributes for one VoIP Performance Manager.

  • The Type and Name attributes for one or more Availability Manager “InChargeDomain” objects.


(Described in “Description of voip.conf” on page 31.)

File in which you customize discovery and other aspects of VoIP Availability Manager behavior.

The parameters in the voip.conf file are used to set attributes for the “VOIP-Manager” object, which is the object that manages the VoIP Availability Manager environment. The parameters and their values become attributes and values for the VOIP-Manager object.