After discovery successfully completes, if the Nortel Enablement Pack was installed and you do not see Nortel cards in your Topology Browser Console, perform the following tasks:

  1. Check for errors in the VMware Smart Assurance log file or the CLI log file.

  2. If there are no errors in the log files, the Nortel administrator needs to specify the following CLI commands on the Nortel Call Server, so that Nortel cards will be discovered:

                   LD 117 
                   inv generate Cards 
  3. Manually initiate a full discovery. To do so, attach a Global Console to VoIP Availability Manager and issue the Add Source command to add an IP Availability Manager again as a source. VoIP Availability Manager responds by importing device topology from the IP Availability Manager and performing a full discovery. “Using Option 2 to manually initiate discovery” on page 40 provides instructions for adding an IP Availability Manager as a source.

    Or, you can attach to your underlying IP Availability Manager. Then, in the Domain Manager Administration Console, select the host of the primary Signaling Server. Right-click on the host instance and select Rediscover.