VoIP Availability Manager performs the following steps to discover VoIP topology:

  1. Imports managed SNMP-enabled device topology from each IP Availability Manager source.

  2. Probes the imported devices for VoIP information and creates VoIP objects and their relationships in its repository.

    By default, VoIP Availability Manager will re-probe only those devices that have been rediscovered by IP Availability Manager. A discovery of a single device in IP Availability Manager will not cause a full rediscovery inVoIP Availability Manager. VoIP Availability Manager can be configured to start a full rediscovery every time a discovery happens in IP Availability Manager by setting the DiscoverAll parameter in the voip.conf file. The parameter is described in the VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Availability Manager Configuration Guide.

  3. Combines the information collected from the various probes to create additional VoIP objects and relationships between the objects in its repository.

  4. Retrieves additional switch port topology from each IP Availability Manager source to correlate switch ports with IP phones.

  5. Synchronizes VoIP topology with the Global Manager and Business Impact Manager.