You can remove one or more IP Availability Managers that have been added as sources to VoIP Availability Manager by performing the following two steps:

  1. In the domain.conf file, remove or comment-out the entries of the IP Availability Managers that you want to remove.

  2. Restart VoIP Availability Manager.

    If you want to replace one or more IP Availability Managers with one or more new IP Availability Managers, you perform the same two steps except that you also add entries for the new IP Availability Managers to the domain.conf file.

    After making your edits to the domain.conf file and restarting VoIP Availability Manager, VoIP Availability Manager responds by:

    • Removing from its repository all device objects and their containment objects that were previously imported from an IP Availability Manager that is no longer listed in the domain.conf file.

    • Importing all device objects—or just those in the VoIP topology collection set—and their containment objects from each IP Availability Manager listed in the domain.conf file and adding the objects to its repository.