The VMware Smart Assurance Enablement Pack for Cisco is installed from the media on which the VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Availability Manager resides. It is installed into the same folder as VoIP Availability Manager.

The VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Availability Manager Installation Guide lists installation requirements and provides detailed installation procedures.

A separate feature license is required and must be installed in order to use the Cisco Enablement Pack. The name of the Cisco feature is AP_VOIP_CISCO.

Once the Cisco Enablement Pack is installed and properly licensed, it will run when the VoIP Availability Manager is started. For example, here is the UNIX command for starting the VoIP Availability Manager:

 /opt/InCharge/VoIP/smarts/bin/sm_service start ic-voip-server

When the VoIP Availability Manager starts, it loads the cisco.conf file and probes the unitary computer systems in the VoIP environment for Cisco VoIP applications.