The integration of VoIP Performance Manager with VoIP Availability Manager involves two areas of functionality:

  • The processing of VoIP Performance Manager performance data by VoIP Availability Manager. VoIP Performance Manager traps carry performance-oriented data and serve as points of integration between VoIP Performance Manager and VoIP Availability Manager.

  • The launching of Global Console client tools for a selected VoIP Availability Manager topology object or a selected notification to open a web interface that loads a VoIP Performance Manager drill-down display relevant to the selected object. The drill-down display contains a collection of performance metrics associated with the object.

    For integration to occur, you need to satisfy the following prerequisites:

  • The VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Integration Pack for VoIP Performance Manager is installed.

  • VoIP Availability Manager is configured.

  • The VoIP Performance Manager integration is configured, as described in Chapter 3, “Configuring VoIP Performance Manager Integration.”

  • VoIP Availability Manager discovery is completed and that VoIP Availability Manager discovered VoIP Performance Manager.

    For the first functionality, performance metrics are sent in the form of VoIP Performance Manager traps to VoIP Availability Manager. VoIP Availability Manager uses the performance data to update performance-related attributes in classes of the VoIP Availability Manager data model. “Performance-related objects and attributes” on page 26 describes the classes that are updated.

    VMware predefines the VoIP Performance Manager traps and VoIP Performance Manager generates them periodically—every four minutes by default. Each predefined trap is given a name that identifies the category, or view, of the collected performance metrics contained in the trap. The periodic receiving of performance metrics enriches the VoIP Availability Manager topology. Together, the enhanced data model and the periodic updates of performance data, enable VoIP Availability Manager to generate performance-related events.

    For the second functionality, Global Console users access VoIP Performance Manager drill-down displays associated with the VoIP Availability Manager topology and notifications. This allows Global Console users to troubleshoot alarms which involve specific VoIP Availability Manager topology objects and selected notifications. “VoIP client tools” on page 29 describes how client tools interact and the client tools that are available.