The URL can be launched from any host that is network-reachable to the VoIP Performance Manager’s web server.

The Java 2 Platform Standard Edition version 5.0 (also known as JRE 1.5) is required.

The following web browsers are supported for accessing VoIP Performance Manager:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0

  • Mozilla 1.7 and Mozilla Firefox 1.0

  • Netscape Navigator 7.2

    In addition, your web browser must support:

  • Java Applets (Java Plug-in/ JRE version 5.0 or later recommended)

  • JavaScript and Applet Scripting (native object scripting in Netscape)

  • Cookies (only per-session cookies for originating website are necessary)


    Important web browser information is given in “Web browser operation and limitations” on page 36.