Regardless of how the Schedule Job window is accessed, the method for scheduling jobs is the same.

  • All the required fields must be populated.

  • Any required fields not filled generate errors until they are filled correctly.

For more information on the various settings, see Schedule Manager.

In the Schedule Job window (Job Details section),

  1. Enter the Job Name .

  2. Enter a Description (this is optional).

  3. From the drop-down list, select a Priority level.

  4. At the Schedule job section, by default, all jobs are scheduled to Run upon approval .

    Important: All selections (in the example shown here) are displayed as being active in the schedule for viewing purposes only.  All selections may not always be active. With adequate permission, you can click the Submit button located at the bottom of the window.
  5. Note that you can select to have the job Run in next maintenance window.

  6. If you select the Run upon operator initiation option, and Submit for approval, this keeps the job in a pending state after approval. After this, any user with Schedule permissions, can then execute this job.  

  7. To set a specific time, select Run at scheduled date/time . The related date and time fields activate.

  8. Enter a date. For assistance, use the Calendar icon to open a monthly calendar. Select the time. The hour, minute and AM/PM setting must be designated. If this option is okay, click Submit.

  9. To set a recurring schedule, select Run as recurring series . The recurring setting options activate.

    Important: When the recurring schedule is selected, the new time zone drop-down options are available. Make your selection from the drop-down options. The time zone you select must be the client's time zone . The new time zone field will be propagated with the client time zone automatically when creating a new Maintenance Window or recurring scheduled job.
  10. Set the recurring options: Frequency, Start and End Times, and Time Interval. If this option is okay, click Submit. The job is sent to the Schedule Manager and the Schedule Job window closes.  

In the Schedule Job section of the window,

The Cancel button takes you out of this window, and back to the previous window you opened. The job is sent to the Schedule Manager, and the Schedule Job window closes.

  • To review the process of a job, see the Scheduler.

  • Once scheduling for the run is completed, go to the Notifications tab to send email.