Server Manager supports the discovery and monitoring of VMware Datastore Cluster. A VMware Datastore Cluster is an aggregation of datastores. The Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) feature of VMware vSphere 6.0 allows the aggregation of datastores into a datastore cluster.

The core functionalities of Storage DRS are:

  • Initial VM replacement

  • VM migration recommendation, both manual and automated

  • Maintenance mode

  • Placement of virtual machines based on utilized diskspace, latency and LUN performance capabilities

    VMwareDatastore cluster provides a representation of VMwareDatastore cluster.

    Figure 1. VMwareDatastore cluster

    The VMware Datastore cluster is represented by the class VMwareDatastoreCluster in the ESM topology.

    VMwareDatastoreCluster is defined by the following relationships:

  • ComposedOf relationship with VMwareDatastore

  • PartOf relationship with VMDataCenter

  • ServesVMs relationship with VirtualMachines