The Server Manager displays maps of the physical KVM hypervisor server and its virtual machines in the Tenant Connectivity map and OpenStack Connectivity maps in the Global Console and EMC M&R UI.

Also, the Server Manager displays the following newly added maps to represent the connectivity of new network and storage classes in the Global Console and EMC M&R UI: LogicalVolume Connectivity map, OpenvSwitch Connectivity map, VirtualNetwork Connectivity map, OpenStack Connectivity map, OpenStack L3 Connectivity map, and vRouter Connectivity map. The Server Manager displays detailed information about memberships in the Containment view.

The changes have been done for the containment at both ESM and SAM. Following are the new containment tabs that are present for the respective classes.

Classes and associated tabs lists key information in the tab pages that appear in a Containment view.

Table 1. Classes and associated tabs




LogicalVolume, Virtual Network, vRouter


VirtualSwitch Interfaces


Provides Storage to VM




VN Interfaces