To support multiple virtual center discovery, ESM enforces unique class instance names for all VMware related classes across multiple vCenters. Unique object name is required when multiple virtual centers are present in one ESM server. This is done by using the name of the virtual center as a prefix to the object name. For example, if the VM name in vSphere is dev-vmrh5a under the virtual center wrangler, the VM name in ESM server is VM-wrangler::dev-vmrh5a instead of just VM-dev-vmrh5a.

The supported classes include:

  • DataPathRedundancyGroup

  • HostBusAdapter

  • ScsiLun

  • ScsiPath

  • VirtualCenter

  • VirtualMachine

  • VMDataCenter

  • VMware DataCenterNetwork

  • VMwareCluster

  • VMwareDataStore

  • Hypervisor

  • VirtualDataCenterNetwork

  • VirtualInterface

  • vSwitch