Note: Server Manager applies strict naming convention for VMware topology objects.

The naming conventions are:

  • The object name must be unique across different datacenters in the same virtual center. If two distinct topology objects are given the same name, then Server Manager will merge those instances into a single instance. This will happen even if the objects reside in different virtual datacenters. For example, if two different virtual datacenters each have virtual machine named VM-RH5A, then those two virtual machines will be treated as one virtual machine by Server Manager.

  • The object name must not have letters in different cases to distinguish it. Case differences do not make names unique. Object names that differ only by case will be treated as the same object. For example, if a virtual center instance contains two virtual machines with the names VM-RH5A and vm-rh5a, then Server Manager will consider those two virtual machines to be a single instance even if those virtual machines reside in two different virtual datacenters.

    Note: The software considers the object names VM-RH5A and vm-rh5a to be identical, regardless of the case, even when they occur in different datacenters under the same virtual center.