Prior to logging into Network Configuration Manager, ensure that you are an authorized application user. An authorized user must be listed on the TACACS+ Security Server, or be a registered user in the application's Native Registry.   Each time you log into Network Configuration Manager your User ID and Password are authenticated and validated against the TACACS+ Server, or the Network Configuration Manager Native Registry. Network Configuration Manager maintains an audit of all logins, as well as an authorized user list.  

Access to secured networks is filtered by network-level authentication security.

To log into the application,

  1. Open a web browser.

  2. In the browser address field, enter the application server URL. Check with your System Administrator for the exact address.     

                         For example: http://ServerNameorIpAddress/XXXXXXXX/

  3. If presented with a login selection screen, click the Launch VMware Smart Assurance Network Configuration Manager link.

  4. At the login screen, enter a valid User ID and Password.


    Note: If enabled, you can have the system remember your login using a check box that is visible on the login screen. Check with your System Administrator to verify that this feature is enabled. To have the application remember your login password, click within the Remember Login check box (if it is visible on the login window). This signifies that the next time you launch the Network Configuration Manager Application, your User ID and Password is remembered and will be retrieved by the system, and you will be automatically logged on.
  5. Click Ok.

Once Network Configuration Manager opens, you can close the open browser window. To log off or exit the application correctly, see Logging Out .

Important: When the application is not active for a specified time, you will have to login again using your password. A message displays, and you must enter your password to keep working within the application.

Note: The Network Configuration Manager user interface has been enhanced by including a link to launch the EMC M&R user interface. This enhancement is available in the NCM Welcome screen and the Dashboard screen. During installation, if the EMC M&R IP address is provided, then the EMC M&R URL in the NCM user interface and welcome/splash screen is updated automatically.

RSA Tokens

The first time you login, if your System Administrator has set up Network Configuration Manager to use RSA Token Credentials, and you have been assigned new RSA Tokens, you are prompted to set your RSA Token PINs. See Setting RSA Pins for the steps needed to complete this task.