For installations on Linux platforms, the Server Manager uses Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to provide additional discovery and monitoring for the following features on managed Windows hosts:

  • Microsoft Cluster management

  • Hyper-V management

  • Process monitoring

  • Hardware and operating system monitoring
    Note: In Smart Assurance 10.0 release support for Windows platform has been removed. If you want to use WMI feature follow below procedure. Start Server manager 10.0 in Linux platform and run WMI proxy server on Windows platform using the server manager 9.6 install which is supported.

    Configuration tasks to set up WMI polling lists the configuration tasks required to set up WMI polling.

Table 1. Configuration tasks to set up WMI polling

Configuration tasks

Configure Server Manager

“Configure WMI access credentials” on page 319

“Enable WMI discovery and monitoring” on page 320

“Configure a WMI proxy (Linux only)” on page 321

Configure Managed hosts

“Configure firewall settings ” on page 322

“Enable DCOM operations on managed hosts” on page 322

“Configure WMI access on managed hosts” on page 323

Configure IP and hostname associations

“Associate the agent IP with the physical hostname” on page 318