Using the Polling and Thresholds Console, you can configure your deployment by:

  • Modifying the properties of a group
  • Changing the priority of a group
  • Copying an existing group
  • Creating a new group
  • Adding or removing matching criteria
  • Changing the value of a matching criterion
  • Adding or removing a setting
  • Adding or removing a setting
  • Restoring the default values of a setting

How managed elements are assigned to groups

When the Multicast Manager performs discovery, it automatically assigns each managed element to a group based on:
  • Matching criteria defined for the group
  • Priority of the group, which determines membership when a device meets the matching criteria for more than one group

A managed element can be a member of one group only.

About group settings

The applied setting or settings of a group determine what parameters are applied to the managed elements that are members of the group. Only one setting may be applied to a group at any given time.

The Settings tab is divided into two sections: Current Settings and Available Settings. The Current Settings section lists the setting that is applied to the group. The Available Settings section lists additional available settings.

About the priority of groups

Matching criteria and priority determine which managed elements are members of what group. When an element matches the criteria for two or more groups, the managed element becomes a member of the group with the highest priority. The Priorities tab lists groups in the order of their priority, from highest to lowest.