Matching criteria, which appear at the top of the Matching Criteria tab, are defined using the attributes of the managed elements. Each matching criterion has three fields: Name, Description, and Value.

  • Name identifies the attribute that is used as a matching criterion.
  • Description is the description of the attribute taken from the ICIM model.
  • Value is any combination of text, integers, and wildcards that is matched against the value of the attribute in the managed element. This is described in “Wildcard Patterns”. The Value field for a matching criterion is not case-sensitive.

If the value of a managed element’s attribute matches a matching criterion, the managed element is eligible to become a member of the group. When more than one matching criterion is specified, a managed element must match all criteria to become a member of the group.

Thus, for an IGMP Interface polling group, which contains only IGMPInterface elements, you can specify additional matching criteria (IGMPInterface attribute values) to restrict which managed IGMPInterface elements become members of the group.