If you need to, you can revert to the previous version of after an update. If the software is installed on multiple servers, you need to perform the restore process on each server.

Restoring the modules does not restore them to their exact state prior to an upgrade. The reason is that during the update process, some modules may modify their data files to work for newer version. Once the data files are modified, they cannot revert to their previous state.

The Module-Manager cannot be restored to its previous version. The or higher version of Module Manager is fully compatible with version 6.8u5 and can be used in its place.

Make sure you have a login with root or system administrator privileges to restore modules.

For single host or multiple host deployments:

  1. Listing restorable modules
  2. Restoring modules
  3. Start the M&R platform services: Starting the M&R platform services from the command line or Starting the M&R platform services on Windows