The RabbitMQ admin account is used for configuring RabbitMQ and accessing RabbitMQ's web-based management interface. It is not used by any other component of the system except for the initial RabbitMQ setup process.


  1. Make sure the smarts-rabbitmq service was started.
  2. To access the RabbitMQ web-based management interface, connect with a browser to port 15672 on the host where RabbitMQ is installed.
    For example:
  3. Log in as admin using the default password of changeme.
  4. If this is the first time RabbitMQ was started, make sure the first-time setup has completed before continuing, as explained Checking the RabbitMQ configuration. The setup process uses the default admin/changeme login credentials to make changes to RabbitMQ.
  5. Click the Admin tab and select admin from the list of RabbitMQ login users.
  6. Click Update this user.
  7. Type the new password in both password fields. Do not change the Tags field.
  8. Click Update User.
    A message appears indicating the login failed. This is because you changed the password for the user that is currently logged on, making the password invalid.
  9. Click Log Out.
    A new login form appears.
  10. Type admin and the new password to confirm the password was successfully changed.