The repository file (RPS) migration utility (sm_migraterps) automatically converts the RPS file created by the previous version of the software to an RPS file compatible with the newer version of the software. For example, you can use the utility to automatically convert the IP RPS file into a compatible version of IP Manager 9.5. This tool allows the administrator to quickly migrate the product without going through a rediscovery of the entire topology.

The RPS migration utility supports migration from IP Manager 9.x.x versions to IP Manager 9.5.x and later.

If you are migrating from IP Manager 9.4.x, running the RPS migration utility is optional. For example, if you have an IP Manager 9.4 repository file that includes virtual switch systems in the topology, use the sm_migraterps utility to remove VirtualSwitchSystemLink and make the repository compatible for IP Manager 10.1.7.

This section covers the following: