An expression filter uses matching criteria to filter against the value of an attribute of the specified class. Matching criteria comprises a series of characters, and optionally, wildcards:

Table 1. Expression filter fields




Name of the attribute. The expression filter matches against the value of this attribute.


Matching pattern that is compared against the value of an attribute:

  • For Boolean attributes, a menu lists the values.

  • For attributes whose values are known, the Helper button lists potential values, taken from the notifications in the Global Manager. You can use wildcards within the value field.


(green plus sign)

Add more attributes to the filter sheet to match against, creating a more narrow filter. A notification must match all of the attributes on a sheet to pass the filter.


(Sheet Tab)

Add more filter sheets to filter. A notification must match at least one of the filter sheets to pass the filter. You can add sheets by clicking Add Sheet or selecting Edit > Add Sheet.