To modify a domain type:

  1. Open the Global Manager Administration Console.

  2. From the Manager list, select the SAM Manager.

  3. Expand ICS Configuration.

  4. Expand IC Domain Configuration.

  5. Expand Domain Types.

  6. Click the appropriate INCHARGE Domain Type. The Configure Domain Type interface appears, as illustrated in Global Manager Administration Console—Configure Domain Type interface.

    Figure 1. Global Manager Administration Console—Configure Domain Type interface
  7. Type the appropriate configurations.

    Domain type configuration parameters defines the available domain type configuration parameters.

Table 1. Domain type configuration parameters



Type Description

Defines the domain type.

DXA Configuration File

Defines the DXA configuration file.

Hook Script: Enable

Enables the hook script.


If the hook script is enabled, type the path for the hook script in the field.

Minimum Certainty

Defines the minimum certainty.

Default value: 0.01

Smoothing Interval

Defines the smoothing interval.

Default value: 65


Defines the domains associated with the domain type.


Click Modify List to add domains, select a domain from the list and click Remove Selected to remove domains, and click Restore to restore previously configured domains. Domains cannot be removed from a domain type, they can only be reassigned to another domain type.

  1. Click Apply.

  2. Click Reconfigure.


    Configuration changes are not applied until the Reconfigure button has been clicked. Clicking the Reconfigure button starts the data synchronization process. Click the Reconfigure button only after all updates to domains, domain tags, domain groups, and domain types have been made.