You must edit to add the Perl script as an attribute on the Notification table. This allows you to right-click the notification and select the client tool that invokes a Perl script.

To add the script to the client tool available from the Notification view, copy the script to a file with a .pl extension, for example,

You must add the script to the Notification Client tool by modifying SmartsTools.json in this Centralized Management path: Logical Overview > Miscellaneous > Custom.


  1. Click Webapps-Resources::Default and expand the list of Configuration files.
  2. Select the checkbox for /conf/SmartsTools.json and click the pencil icon to edit the file.
  3. Add these lines to the .json file and save the changes.
    "name": "Alert Attribute",
    "url": "/dojoviews/client-tool/
  4. Test the client tool changes by invoking the script from a Notification.
    Select a notification in the Operation > Network > Notificationreport. Right-click the notification and select Alert Attribute to invoke the example Perl script.


This will display the notification name and severity value.