Use the Configuration Manager in the UI to apply a centralized copy of configuration settings to all IP Managers in your deployment. Configuration settings can include: polling intervals, thresholds, device access credentials, unique tagging identifiers for discovered topology, and discovery configuration parameters.

For deployments with multiple IP Managers, VMware Smart Assurance provides the Configuration Manager, so you can consistently maintain configuration settings. The Configuration Manager is an optional component.

  • Polling settings define the polling intervals. Polling occurs when an IP Manager communicates with a managed device to determine the device's operational status.
  • Thresholds are values that define acceptable or unacceptable levels of connectivity or performance. The polled data is compared to the threshold values for monitoring purposes.
  • Device access settings define the credentials needed to access the managed devices.
  • IP tagging defines a tag that the IP Manager uses to uniquely identify discovered topological objects that have identical names.
  • Discovery configuration settings define the discovery process that the IP Manager performs.

The Configuration Manager feature supports the following IP Managers: IP Availability Manager, IP Performance Manager, and the combined IP Availability and Performance Manager.

Figure 1. Example of polling settings
Example of polling settings
Figure 2. Example of discovery settings
Example of discovery settings