Devices are associated with a Network through the Auto Discovery process. The Network Configuration Manager Auto Discovery mechanism offers three Auto Discovery options; Multi-Hop, Ping Sweep, and SNMP Sweep.  Depending on the type of Auto Discovery selected, details must be entered into the four tabs.

Creating an Auto Discovery job is a multi-step process. Depending on the Auto Discovery type, you must provide details on the following tabs:

  • Properties
  • Seed Addresses
  • Ranges
  • Credentials (Common Strings, Accounts, and Privilege Passwords)
Important: If insufficient details are entered on any tab, the Auto Discovery job may fail, or the job may not run completely.

To create an Auto Discovery job,

  1. From the menu bar, select Tools -> System Administration. The System Administration window opens.
  2. In the navigation pane, expand the Networks folder.
  3. Click Auto Discovery .  

  • The right pane populates with any Auto Discovery jobs that have already been setup.
  • The Schedule, Add, Edit, and Remove buttons are all selectable in the window (when a device is selected, Prior to select the Add button is the only button selectable. 
  • Click Add. The Add Auto Discovery Job window opens.
  • To define the Auto Discovery job, you must enter details in each of the following tabs:
  • Properties
  • Seed Addresses
  • Ranges
  • Credentials

Properties Tab

Seed Addresses Tab

Ranges Tab

Credentials Tab

Edit the Auto Discovery settings

Removing an Auto Discovery Job