The Interfaces tab provides a listing of all the physical and logical interfaces that are configured on the selected device, including their status. The Management interface is the Interface IP used to manage the device in Network Configuration Manager. Management Interfaces can be changed from this tab.

This information can be displayed by selecting the Properties icon, and from the Configuration tab from the Device Properties.


The Interfaces tab provides a listing of all interfaces that are defined in the config file. This tab details the interfaces information, including Name, Type, Admin State, IP Address, Subnet Mask, Tags, and DNS Interfaces.

The Interfaces tab also allows you to View or Update a Data Field for a specific interface.

Note: Notice that the Add and Delete, as well as the Change Managing Interface icons are grayed out. You cannot add, delete, or change the managing interface anywhere but within a Workspace.

To manage the Interfaces, see How to Manage an Interface.