Use the Import/Export function in the UI to import CSV or XLS files with Device Location and smlocale mapping as an alternative method of enriching Smarts geomap data.

The XLS or CSV files must have two columns of values in the same order as the columns mentioned in data enrichment. Here is an example:

Table 1. Sample data enrichment import file column layout
Device Location column data smlocale column data
white* White Plains, NY
10;PUGET SOUND;United States;REDMOND, WA;11 Redmond, Washington
*Westchester Ave* White Plains, NY
LOCATION Bangalore, India
EMC E-Labs Building 119 Bangalore, India
*Hopkinton* Hopkinton, MA
DevLab, row 2-rack 2, 44 S Broadway, 7th floor Bangalore, India
10.3.2 Delhi, India
Chicago, IL Chicago, IL

Although the value, <city>, is enough for smlocale to render points in the map, enter <city, state> or <city,country> to avoid duplicates or conflicts. Ensure the location name is valid because it will display in the maps report.