Follow these steps to determine why Tomcat does not start.


  1. Verify that Tomcat is NOT already running by typing sm_service show.
    Tomcat may be running from a prior install, or was started outside of the sm_service mechanism. Also, another instance of Tomcat or another web server may be running on the system that prevents this Tomcat instance from binding to port 8080, causing it to shut down.
  2. Verify the underlying application is not already running Tomcat by typing ps -ef | grep java.
    If you see that the /opt/InCharge/SAM/smarts/tomcat/bin/bootstrap.jar process is running, then Tomcat is likely running as well.
  3. Review the messages in SAM/smarts/local/logs/tomcat/catalina.out and SAM/smarts/local/logs/tomcat/catalina.<date>.log.