Ensure that the firewall between the server hosting SAM and the servers hosting M&R (Watch4net) are open. M&R collects data from the Smarts domain managers. Configure the firewall settings to allow access across ports.

Ports in use with HTTP (no SSL encryption)

  • Tomcat server in Service Assurance Manager (SAM): 8080
  • Tomcat server in M&R (Watch4net): 58080
  • Smarts Broker: 426 (also used for SSL encryption)
  • Smarts License Server: 1744 (also used for SSL encryption)
  • Elasticsearch: 9200
  • RabbitMQ: 15672

Ports in use with HTTPS enabled (SSL encryption)

  • Tomcat server in SAM: 8443
  • Tomcat server in M&R (Watch4net): 58443
  • Smarts Broker: 426
  • Smarts License Server: 1744