To migrate from previous database to the new database, you must perform the following steps:


Note: Upgrade from 6.8u2 to 6.8u5 does not need event migration, as both of these have Elastic Search database. Also, running the event migration task throws an exception, which can be ignored.
  • Download the latest M&R build. The Service Assurance Suite Installation and Configuration Guide for M&R provides more information.
  • Install the M&R, by invoking the following command:
  • To upgrade the platform, install the new packages in:
    /opt/APG/Tools/Module-Repository [Y/n]? Y
    /opt/APG/bin/ update module-manager
    /opt/APG/bin/ service update all


  1. Configure the Elastic Search, see Configuring Elastic Search for more information.
  2. Restart Elastic Search server.
    Ensure Elastic Search server is running.
  3. Restart the APG services.
    Make sure there are no errors in the EPM logs, APG cluster logs and Tomcat catalina logs.
  4. Stop the event processing manager service for generic-traffic-flow.
  5. Run the data-migration task which is enabled for run, see the Scheduling the Event-Processing Tasks for more information.
  6. Ensure that the data is migrated to Elastic Search.
    URL to check the data in Elastic Search are:
    http://<Host IP of Elastic Search>:9200/_cat/indices
    http://<Host IP of Elastic Search>:9200/_template?pretty
    http://<Host IP of Elastic Search>:9200/es-dw-flow-dstaddr-topn-1482192000000/_search?pretty
    http://<Host IP of Elastic Search>:9200/es*/_search?pretty   ---to get the total number of rows/records
  7. Start the EPM. Ensure that the Event-Processing for generic-traffic flow, flows are read and processed.
  8. Ensure from Elastic Search, that data is flowing.