In order to manage notifications from the SolutionPack for Smarts, the Administrator must set up users and roles in M&R that correspond to the profiles set up in Service Assurance Manager (SAM).

In the SAM Global Manager Administration Console, the Administrator configures profiles that define which Notifications, Actions, and Tools are available to each group of users (for example, OPER profile and so forth).

The Administrator providing access to SolutionPack for Smarts views has to create users and roles in M&R that reflect the characteristics of the SAM profiles that are in use.

If Administrators need to restrict Notifications, Actions, or Tools available to a user in M&R, they need to define the restrictions first in the corresponding SAM profile.
Note: The Administrator should not duplicate M&R users in SAM unless a user needs access to both the SolutionPack for Smarts views and classic SAM Consoles. Users working only in M&R need only the user login and role definition created in M&R.