To upgrade from M&R 6.7u1 to 6.8u5, you must perform the following steps:


Download the M&R build from Online Support website at


  1. Upgrade the M&R core, by invoking the following command:
    For more details, refer the MnR Installation and Configuration Guide for M&R Core upgrade procedures.
  2. To upgrade the platform:
    /opt/APG/bin/ update module-manager
    /opt/APG/bin/ service update all
  3. Install the Elastic Search cluster package, see Configuring Elastic Search for more information.
  4. Update the SolutionPack blocks for Traffic Flows and all other components ( one click upgrade).
  5. Run the post upgrade message to create the resources.
  6. Restart the services.
  7. Run event-database-migration task from scheduled tasks.