How are Tanzu Buildpacks different from Paketo Buildpacks?

Tanzu Buildpacks are built off of open source Paketo Buildpacks with the following additions:

  • Offline support - Tanzu Buildpacks are packaged to support application builds within air gapped environments
  • Partner integrations - Partner integration buildpacks are currently included into the Tanzu Java Buildpack and will be a part of all Tanzu Buildpacks in the future.

How do I use Tanzu Buildpacks?

Tanzu Buildpacks are available to Tanzu Build Service customers and are installed into the Build Service store as a part of installing Tanzu Build Service. For more information about installing Tanzu Build Service, see the Tanzu Build Service documentation.

How do I update my Tanzu Buildpacks when there's a CVE in a buildpack dependency?

We're constantly monitoring for CVEs in any language runtime or dependency shipped in the Tanzu Buildpacks. We'll ship a patch release of the buildpack to Tanzu Network shortly after the patched runtimes or dependency is released upstream. To update the buildpacks in your Build Service store, follow the instructions in the Tanzu Build Service documentation. We're also monitoring for new language runtime versions and will ship buildpack releases with the latest runtimes, giving your developers access to the latest features available upstream.

How can I customize my buildpacks in Tanzu Build Service?

Cloud Native Buildpacks are inherently modular, meaning each language family Tanzu Buildpack is composed of a set of buildpacks that serve a single purpose. For example, the Tanzu Node.js Buildpack is composed of a buildpack that provides the Node.js engine, a buildpack that provides Yarn, a buildpack that runs yarn install, etc.

To customize a buildpack, define a custom builder in Tanzu Build Service that includes the desired buildpacks. For more information, see the Tanzu Build Service documentation.

How do Tanzu Buildpacks relate to the Cloud Native Buildpacks project?

Cloud Native Buildpacks is a specification and set of tools that allow you to create and operate modular container build stages called “buildpacks”. Tanzu Buildpacks implement this specification as a collection of usable buildpacks.

Can I use Tanzu Buildpacks with Tanzu Application Service for VMs?

No. Tanzu Buildpacks conform to the CNCF Cloud Native Buildpacks specification and are not compatible with Tanzu Application Service for VMs. Both Tanzu Build Service and Tanzu Application Service for K8s support Tanzu Buildpacks. For buildpacks compatible with Cloud Foundry, see the Tanzu Application Service for VMs docs.

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