VMware Tanzu CLI v0.90.x Release Notes

This page contains release notes for Tanzu CLI v0.90.x.

What’s New in Tanzu CLI v0.90.1

This patch release includes the following updates and bug fixes:

Release Date

Tanzu CLI release date is:

  • v0.90.1: July 11, 2023

What’s New in Tanzu CLI v0.90.0

Standalone Design

Many changes in Tanzu CLI v0.90.0 reflect its new status as a standalone product, and facilitate its working with other Tanzu products.

Previous versions of the Tanzu CLI were bundled with product downloads for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) and Tanzu Application Platform (TAP).

  • You can install the Tanzu CLI with a package manager such as Homebrew, APT, YUM, or DNF in addition to installing it from a download on Customer Connect.
  • Plugin groups contain all standalone plugins used by a particular product, such as TKG, TAP, or Tanzu Mission Control (TMC), to facilitate installing all standalone plugins needed for a product.
    • Plugin groups are versioned, for example vmware-tkg/default:v2.2.0 specifies the plugin group for the v2.2.0 version of the TKG product.
  • Core context commands define and manage multiple server or Kubernetes cluster endpoints of different types that you can access from the Tanzu CLI, for example:
    • A TKG management cluster (Kubernetes endpoint)
    • A Tanzu Mission Control instance (server endpoint)
    • A Kubernetes cluster running TAP (Kubernetes endpoint)
  • The Target abstraction defines types of servers that you can set as the context, for example k8s for a TKG management cluster or TAP cluster, or mission-control for TMC.
    • Target means “context type”.
  • The Tanzu CLI keeps one current context for each Target, and sends commands to each as appropriate.
    • Setting current context with tanzu context use also sets it as the default context for its Target.
    • Commands that unambiguously apply to one Target route to the default context for that Target, if present.
    • To disambiguate commands that can apply to multiple contexts with different behaviors, such as tanzu cluster and tanzu secret commands with TKG vs. TMC, the CLI:
      • Supports embedding a Target within the command, from any current context, to direct it to its target context. For example tanzu tmc cluster get runs the command against your default TMC context.
      • Without a Target embedded, interprets ambiguous commands as applying to the current k8s context.

Commands and Options

Tanzu CLI v0.90.0 has the following new commands, options, and behavior changes

  • tanzu plugin group and the --group flag of the tanzu plugin install command enable you to discover and install groups of plugins associated with Tanzu products. For more information, see tanzu plugin and Installing Tanzu CLI Plugins.
  • tanzu plugin search lists plugins available for installation.
    • --name flag limits the search breadth.
    • --show-details flag retrieves details about available plugins, including supported versions.
    • For more information, see tanzu plugin search.
  • tanzu plugin download-bundle and tanzu plugin upload-bundle download and upload a plugin bundle that contains the standalone plugins in the specified group along with all context-sensitive plugins used for the same product. These commands facilitate deployment to internet-restricted environments. For more information, see the Internet Restricted Environments tab under Installing Tanzu CLI Plugins.
  • tanzu config cert manages custom certificate configuration for a user-provided plugin discovery source. For more information, see tanzu config cert.
  • tanzu config eula accept accepts the Tanzu CLI EULA, skipping a prompt. Use this in automation scripts.
    • tanzu config eula show shows the EULA.
  • tanzu context create flag --insecure-skip-tls-verify lets user set cluster as context without providing a self-signed CA certificate. Otherwise, certificate is required to access cluster.
  • Deprecated:
    • tanzu login is deprecated in favor of tanzu context create and tanzu context use. See tanzu context.
      • Previous Tanzu CLI versions enabled tanzu login with a plugin, but in v0.90.0 it is a core CLI command.
      • tanzu plugin list only lists the tanzu login plugin if it was installed in a prior version of the CLI.
      • If you no longer need a prior version of the Tanzu CLI, VMware recommends removing the tanzu login plugin by running tanzu plugin delete login.
  • Removed:
    • tanzu update
    • The --local flag of the tanzu plugin list command
    • The features.cluster.custom-nameservers CLI configuration option

Behavior Changes

  • tanzu plugin list lists installed plugins, not available plugins as it did in previous CLI versions.
    • tanzu plugin search lists plugins available for installation.
    • Plugin sources configured for previous versions of the Tanzu CLI are ignored; the Tanzu CLI retrieves plugins from the new standalone plugin repository.
  • Context-scoped plugins install or update automatically when you create or change a context.
    • You no longer need to run tanzu plugin sync to install context-scoped plugins or update their versions, but if needed you can use the tanzu plugin sync command as a backup.
    • Context-scoped plugins are recommended for a context; they are not all of the plugins available for the context. There may be standalone plugins that you can install explicitly with tanzu plugin install.
  • tanzu config server and its subcommands are deprecated and no longer displayed in the list of system commands. Use tanzu context instead.
  • tanzu init does not perform any operations and is reserved for future use.

Additional New Features

In addition to features that support the standalone design, Tanzu CLI v0.90.0 changes include:

  • User is prompted to accept the VMware General Terms EULA, unless they run tanzu config eula accept.
  • User can configure proxy certificate to access private registry by setting TANZU_CLI_PROXY_CA_CERT environment variable to base64-encoded proxy certificate. Do this when a proxy with a self-signed certificate sits between the CLI and the registry containing CLI plugins.
  • Plugin install/sync error message includes version of plugin that failed to install.
  • CLI checks if a plugin binary is already in the cache before downloading it.
  • Features for plugin developers:
    • Supports passing go flags when building plugins.
    • Deprecates tanzu builder cli compile and tanzu builder publish.
    • Marks legacy config APIs for deprecation.
    • TANZU_CLI_STANDALONE_OVER_CONTEXT_PLUGINS=1 setting prioritizes a standalone version of an installed plugin over the current context-scoped version.
    • CLI ignores plugin groups in the repository that are marked as deactivated.

Release Date

Tanzu CLI release date is:

  • v0.90.0: June 13, 2023
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