In-Cluster Services: Packages and Helm

To support applications hosted on Kubernetes clusters, you can deploy and manage in-cluster services, including services that applications consume directly, such as databases, and services that provide application infrastructure and support the container runtime platform as a whole.

Deployment options for in-cluster services include Tanzu packages that you install and manage using the Tanzu CLI and services that you install and manage with Helm charts.

Tanzu Packages

You can use the Tanzu CLI to install services as Tanzu packages. See Installing and Using VMware Tanzu Packages for instructions, including specific instructions for the following:

  • Cert Manager
  • Contour
  • External DNS
  • Fluent Bit
  • Harbor
  • Multus and Whereabouts
  • Prometheus and Grafana

You can also use the Tanzu CLI to install:

  • FluxCD, Cluster Autoscaler, and vSphere and external CSI volume snapshotting packages from the Tanzu Standard repository
  • Packaged services from other package repositories

For more information, see VMware Tanzu Packages Documentation.

Helm Charts

You can use Helm charts to install and manage the following in-cluster services:

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