VMware Tanzu packages let you use Tanzu console interfaces and the Tanzu CLI to add and manage services on Kubernetes clusters.

Tanzu packages use open-source Carvel tools to standardize and simplify how you deploy and manage popular services with Tanzu.

You can install Tanzu packages to:

  • Make services available to apps hosted on Kubernetes workload clusters, to help developers
  • Install platform services such as platform monitoring, to help platform operators


For general documentation about Tanzu Packages, see Installing and Using VMware Tanzu Packages. The relevant packages and package procedures differ for different facets of Tanzu:


In Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG), on all platforms, you install and manage packages using the Tanzu CLI or Kubectl, as described in this publication.

To associate TKG versions with versions of the Tanzu Standard package repository that they work with, see TKG, Tanzu CLI Plugin, and Tanzu Standard Package Repo Versions in the About TKG documentation.


To install packages from the Tanzu Mission Control (TMC) console see Install a Package in the TMC documentation.


To install the packages that constitute Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) see Install Tanzu Application Platform package and profiles in the TAP documentation.

Package Repositories

VMware maintains repositories that publish versioned, VMware-supported Tanzu packages:

Package Repository Name in CLI

Mainly Used with

Contents Release Notes
Tanzu Standard Repository tanzu-standard


Packages installed by platform operators for use by both platform operators and developers.

Tanzu Standard Package Repository Release Notes

Tanzu Application Platform Repository tanzu-tap-repository


Packages installed and used by developers as an application development platform

Tanzu Application Platform Release Notes

Tanzu Packages as a Deployment Option

Tanzu packages are one of several options for deploying services in Tanzu:

Deployment option Deploys to How deployed Documentation
Tanzu packages Tanzu-managed K8s clusters TMC, Tanzu CLI, Kubectl See above
Supervisor Services K8s clusters on vSphere vCenter Managing Supervisor Services with vSphere with Tanzu
Container images K8s clusters Helm CLI VMware Tanzu Application Catalog
Ops Manager tiles Tanzu Application Service Tanzu Ops Manager Adding and deleting products from Tanzu Operations Manager