CLI Plugins for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

This topic associates versions of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) with the versions of Tanzu CLI plugins that they work with.

The Tanzu CLI has plugin groups that are associated with different CLI targets as described in CLI Core, Plugins, Plugin Groups, and Products in the Tanzu CLI reference.

The plugin groups add commands to the Tanzu CLI that extend its capabilities in ways that apply to different facets of Tanzu. For TKG, you extend the CLI by installing the plugins in the plugin group vmware-tkg/default, for example as described in Install the Tanzu CLI Plugins for TKG v2.5.

TKG, Tanzu CLI Plugin, and Tanzu Standard Package Repo Versions

The following table associates TKG versions with:

  • Tanzu CLI plugin versions:
    • The management-cluster plugin that deploys a standalone management cluster with the TKG version.
    • The other Tanzu CLI plugins that work with the TKG version.
  • The vSphere with Tanzu version that includes the TKG version.
  • The Tanzu Standard package repository version that works with the TKG version.
TKG version CLI plugins version vSphere with Tanzu version Tanzu Standard repo version
2.5.1 v0.32.2 v2024.4.12
2.5.0 v0.32.0 v2024.2.1
2.4.1 v0.31.1 v2023.11.21
2.4.0 v0.31.0 v2023.9.19
2.3.1 v0.30.2 v2023.10.16
2.3.0 v0.30.0, v0.30.1 v2023.7.13
2.2.0 v0.29.0 8.0 P02, 8.0 U2 v2.2.0*
2.2.0-fips v0.29.0 8.0 P02, 8.0 U2 v2.2.0*
2.1.1 v0.28.1 v2.1.1*
2.1.0 v0.28.0 v2.1.0*
2.1.1-fips** v0.28.3 v2.1.1*
2.1.0-fips** v0.28.2 v2.1.0*
1.6.x v1.6.x 8.0, 8.0 U1 v1.6.x*

* N/A; prior to TKG v2.3.0, Tanzu Standard package repository releases were bundled with TKG and shared the same version number.

Core CLI versions: For associations between TKG versions and core Tanzu CLI versions, see the TKG listings under Compatibility with VMware Tanzu Products in VMware Tanzu CLI Documentation.

Package versions: Package version compatibility on workload clusters is based on their Kubernetes version, not the vSphere with Tanzu version of their Supervisor or the TKG version of their standalone management cluster.

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