The VMware Tanzu command-line interface (Tanzu CLI) is a command-line tool that connects you to VMware Tanzu.

The Tanzu CLI is developed in the Tanzu Core CLI open source project. You can use the Tanzu CLI to perform tasks to create and manage your VMware Tanzu infrastructure:

  • Create and manage standalone management clusters
  • Create and manage workload clusters
  • Manage Kubernetes releases
  • Install and manage packages
  • Create and manage application workloads
  • Configure the Tanzu CLI itself

For more information about the latest version of the Tanzu CLI, see Installing and Using VMware Tanzu CLI v1.1.x.

Tanzu CLI Architecture

The Tanzu CLI has a plugin-based architecture, to allow you to download plugins that provide commands that perform different functions for different Tanzu products. For example, you can download and install Tanzu CLI plugins for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, Tanzu Application Platform, and Tanzu Mission Control. You can also develop your own custom plugins for the Tanzu CLI.

VMware Tanzu CLI architecture

Compatibility with VMware Tanzu Products

The Tanzu CLI is compatible with the following VMware Tanzu products.

Important: For Tanzu CLI releases prior to v0.90.0, the Tanzu CLI is bundled with the product releases, and installation of the CLI is different depending on which product you are using. The table below includes links to the Tanzu CLI and product-specific plugin installation documentation for each product version.
Product name Product version Compatible CLI version(s) CLI and plugin installation

Tanzu Application Platform


v1.0.0 or later



v1.0.0 or later


v1.0.0 or later


v1.0.0 or later


Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

(standalone management cluster)

v2.4.0 or later

v1.0.0 or later (1)


v2.3.0 or later

v1.0.0 or later (1)


v2.2.0 v0.29.0 Instructions
v2.1.1 v0.28.1 Instructions
v1.6.1 v0.25.4 Instructions
Tanzu Mission Control Service




Tanzu Service Mesh v3.2.2

v1.0.0 or later


vSphere With Tanzu

(TKG with Supervisor)

vSphere 8 ≥v8.0.1c

TKG 2.2.0




vSphere 8 ≤v8.0.1

TKG 2.0




vSphere 7 (2)

TKG Service

≤v0.11.x Instructions

(1) For a full list of CLI versions that are compatible with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v2.3 and later, see Product Interoperability Matrix.

(2) You cannot use any version of the Tanzu CLI greater than v0.11.x with a vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor Cluster in vSphere 7.

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