As platform operator, you can create a data protection target location that you can use for storage of backups that you generate using VMware Tanzu Mission Control.

When you run a backup using Tanzu Mission Control, the resources that you specify to be backed up are written to a storage location that you identify. This location can be the AWS S3 storage that is managed by Tanzu Mission Control in your cloud provider account, or an AWS S3 or S3-compatible storage location that you create and maintain in your cloud provider account. This procedure shows how to create a target location that you can use for backups.


Log in to the Tanzu Mission Control console.

Make sure that you have already created a data protection credential that provides the connection to your cloud provider account, as described in Create a Data Protection Credential for S3-Compatible Storage.

Make sure that you have the appropriate permissions in your Tanzu Mission Control organization.
  • To create a target location, you must be associated with the organization.admin role.


  1. In the Tanzu Mission Control console, click Administration in the left navigation pane.
  2. On the Administration a page, click the Target Locations tab.
  3. Click Create Target Location, and then choose the type of storage for the new target location.
    • TMC managed AWS S3 storage
    • Customer provisioned S3-compatible storage
  4. Select an account credential, and then click Next.
  5. If you choose S3-compatible storage, specify the configuration of the storage.
    If you choose the storage managed by Tanzu Mission Control, you can skip this step.
    1. Enter the URL that identifies the AWS S3 or S3-compatible storage location.
    2. Enter a name for the bucket in which to store backups.
    3. Specify the region in which to store backups.
    4. Click Next.
  6. Specify the cluster groups whose clusters can use this target location for backups.
    Click Add after each selection.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Provide a name for the target location.
  9. Click Create.


When you click Create, Tanzu Mission Control generates a backup location that can be used by clusters in the specified cluster groups.