Delete a secret that is no longer needed from your cluster.


Log in to the Tanzu Mission Control console, as described in Log In to the Tanzu Mission Control Console.

Make sure you have the appropriate permissions to delete a cluster secret.
  • To delete a cluster secret, you must be associated with the cluster.admin role.


  1. In the Tanzu Mission Control console, navigate to the cluster that contains the secret you want to delete.
  2. On the cluster detail page, click the Add-ons tab.
  3. Click Kubernetes secrets in the Secrets section of the Add-ons menu.
  4. Click the name of the secret that you want to delete.
  5. Click the Action button and select Delete.
  6. In the confirmation dialog, click Delete.


When you click delete, Tanzu Mission Control removes the secret from your cluster. It is no longer available in any of the namespaces with which it was shared.