You can use the Tanzu Mission Control data protection features to create backups of clusuters and cluster groups.


Make sure you have the appropriate permissions.
  • To configure data protection for cluster groups, you must be associated with the clustergroup.admin role in the cluster.


  1. Log in to the Tanzu Mission Control console and click Cluster Groups.
  2. Click on the cluster group for which you want to enable data protection.
  3. Click Enable Data Protection.
    The Enable data protection dialog appears. The table at the top of the dialog lists any clusters that have data protection already enabled on an individual basis and shows the current status of the settings for each enabled cluster.
  4. Select the group clusters and volume backup settings for the cluster group data protection configuration.
    1. Select the clusters for which you want to enable data protection. You can select all clusters in the group, clusters based on names, or groups based on Tanzu Mission Control labels.
    2. Select the volume backup plugins settings, FSB or CSI. For more information on volume settings, see Data Protection in VMware Tanzu Mission Control Concepts.
  5. Review your settings in the Preview changes section at the bottom of the dialog.
  6. Click Enable.


The selected clusters are configured for data protection and the Data Protection tab is added to the Cluster Group details page. From there you can view settings and configure backup schedules.

What to do next

Create backup schedules for clusters and cluster groups.