You can create and manage AWS EKS credentials and perform cluster lifecycle management operations including create, update, upgrade, and delete directly from Tanzu Mission Control. Creating and managing AWS EKS clusters with Tanzu Mission Control includes multiple steps, which are summarized here.

The steps to create and manage new AWS EKS clusters are given below in the order in which they should be done.

Note: Tanzu Mission Control is the source of truth for clusters created and managed by Tanzu Mission Control. Anything changed outside of Tanzu Mission Control is reported as drift and you will see an Out of Sync message.
Note: For information about using the tanzu CLI to manage EKS clusters, see the topic for ekscluster in VMware Tanzu CLI Reference - Tanzu Mission Control Plug-ins.


  1. Create a VPC with Subnets for EKS Cluster Lifecycle Management.
  2. Create an Account Credential for EKS Cluster Lifecycle Management.
    1. You may need to Update Your Credential for an AWS EKS Account.
    2. If you delete a credential, you need to Clean Up Your AWS EKS Account After Deleting a Credential.
  3. Create an EKS Cluster.