As a vSphere administrator, you can register a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management cluster running in vSphere with your Tanzu Mission Control organization.

To register a management cluster, you run the cluster agent registration script, provided by Tanzu Mission Control, on the cluster. The script creates a namespace and installs a set of cluster agent extensions and custom resource definitions into your cluster, which enables communication with Tanzu Mission Control.


This procedure assumes that you have already started the registration process in Tanzu Mission Control as described in Register a Management Cluster with Tanzu Mission Control, and that you have a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management cluster running in vSphere.

To register a management cluster with Tanzu Mission Control, you must have admin permissions on the cluster.


  1. In a command window, connect to the management cluster with kubectl.
    Make sure your current context is set appropriately for the management cluster you want to register, and not one of its workload clusters.
  2. Run a kubectl apply command like the following to start the installation.
    Make sure you use the URL provided by Tanzu Mission Control, and that it is enclosed in quotes.
    kubectl apply -f ""
    When you run this command, a namespace called vmware-system-tmc is created, and then the Tanzu Mission Control cluster agent is installed on the management cluster. The installation process may take a few minutes.


When the installation is complete, your management cluster running in vSphere is registered with Tanzu Mission Control. You can return to the Tanzu Mission Control console and view the registered cluster on the Management clusters tab of the Administration page. It might take a few minutes for Tanzu Mission Control to start receiving health information from the management cluster.