Use VMware Tanzu Mission Control to provision the necessary resources and create a new Tanzu Kubernetes cluster in your Amazon Web Services account.


Before you can create new clusters using Tanzu Mission Control, you must first establish a connection with your management cluster.
  1. Register your Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management cluster with Tanzu Mission Control, as described in Register a Management Cluster with Tanzu Mission Control.
  2. Create a provisioner namespace into which you will provision the cluster, as described in Create a Provisioner in Your Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Management Cluster.
Make sure you have the appropriate permissions to create a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster.
  • To provision a cluster, you must be associated with the clustergroup.edit role on the cluster group in which you want to put the new cluster.
  • To see and use a cloud provider account connection for creating a cluster, you must be associated with the organization.credential.view role.
  • You must also have admin privileges on the management cluster to provision resources within it.
  • Creating a new Tanzu Kubernetes cluster in your AWS account requires additional permissions in your AWS account. For more information, see Required AWS Permissions in the VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Product Documentation. See also the VMware knowledge base article at

Log in to the Tanzu Mission Control console, as described in Log In to the Tanzu Mission Control Console.


  1. In the left navigation pane of the Tanzu Mission Control console, click Clusters.
  2. On the Clusters page, click Create Cluster.
  3. Click to select the management cluster in which to create the new workload cluster, and then click Continue to Create Cluster.
    Note: Management clusters created using Tanzu Community Edition prior to version 0.12 are shown as Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters.
  4. On the Create cluster page, select the provisioner namespace in which you want to create the cluster, and then click Next.
  5. Specify the name, group, and other details for the cluster.
    1. Enter a name for the cluster.
      Cluster names must be unique within an organization.
    2. Select the cluster group to which you want to attach your cluster.
    3. You can optionally enter a description and apply labels.
    4. Click Next.
  6. Select your configuration options.
    1. Select the region in which you want to create the workload cluster.
    2. Select the SSH public key created during deployment of the management cluster.
    3. Select the Kubernetes version and operating system to use for the cluster.
      The latest supported version is preselected for you.

      Selecting a non-default operating system for your cluster is supported for management clusters running in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid version 1.5 or later. For more information about the available operating systems, see Tanzu Kubernetes Releases in the VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Documentation.

    4. Select or create a VPC (virtual private cloud) to contain the cluster.
      If you create a new VPC, specify the CIDR for theVPC.
    5. You can optionally define an alternative CIDR for the pod and service.
      The Pod CIDR and Service CIDR cannot be changed after the cluster is created.
    6. Click Next.
  7. Select the type of cluster you want to create, and the control plane instance type.
    The primary difference between the two is that the highly available cluster is deployed with multiple control plane nodes, in multiple availability zones across the region, with one public subnet and one private subnet for each availability zone.
    1. Select the instance type to use for the control plane node.
    2. Select the availability zone for the cluster.
    3. Specify the public and private CIDRs for the availability zone.
  8. Define the default node pool for your cluster.
    1. Select the instance type for worker nodes.
    2. Specify the number of worker nodes to provision.
  9. Depending on the kind of cluster you are creating, you can optionally specify advanced configuration settings.
    For more information, see Advanced Options During Cluster Creation.
  10. When you ready to provision the new cluster, click Create Cluster.


When you click Create Cluster, you are directed the cluster detail page where you can see its status is Unknown while it is being created. Tanzu Mission Control provisions the resources necessary for your cluster in your management cluster. It then creates the workload cluster and attaches it to your organization in the cluster group that you specified. This process takes a few minutes.