The public service API specification in a global namespace manifest file requires an external DNS ID. You can get an external DNS ID by making a call to the appropriate API in Tanzu Service Mesh.



  1. In Tanzu Service Mesh SaaS UI, click API Explorer on the bottom bar.
  2. In API Explorer, click /GET v1alpha1/external-domain-name-server-list.
  3. Click Try It Out and then click Execute.

    Response body under Responses contains a list of defined external DNS IDs returned by the API.

  4. Copy the appropriate external DNS ID.

    To verify that this DNS ID is the one you need, make a call to GET v1alpha1/external-domain-name-servers/{external DNS ID}.

    The API returns the configuration details for the external DNS ID.

What to do next

Add the external DNS ID to the public service API specification in the global namespace manifest file. For more information, see Create a Global Namespace.