Install and configure on-premises components for a vSphere with Tanzu deployment

This topic provides information for configuring on-premises components for a vSphere with Tanzu deployment.

For information about vSphere with Tanzu, see What is vSphere with Tanzu.

Install and configure the on-premises components in the sequence described in the following sections.

Deploy VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer

VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer provides dynamically scaling load balancing endpoints for Tanzu Kubernetes clusters provisioned by the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service.

NSX Advanced Load Balancer provides additional layer 7 capabilities that are not available with NSX-T. Use NSX Advanced Load Balancer for a stronger security profile.

For information about configuring NSX Advanced Load Balancer on vSphere with Tanzu, see Install and Configure the NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

Enable Workload Management with vSphere networking

Enable Workload Management to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on vSphere with Tanzu. A Supervisor Cluster becomes available by default when you enable Workload Management.

For information about enabling Workload Management in vSphere with Tanzu, see Enable a One-Zone Supervisor with vSphere Networking.

Deploy Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters

There are multiple options for deploying Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters on Supervisor.

For information on how to provision TKG clusters on Supervisor, see Provisioning TKG 2 Clusters on Supervisor.

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