VMware Tanzu CLI Reference

The VMware Tanzu command-line interface (Tanzu CLI) is a command-line tool that connects you to Tanzu. For example, you can use the Tanzu CLI to:

  • Create and manage management clusters
  • Create and manage workload clusters
  • Manage Kubernetes releases
  • Install and manage packages
  • Create and manage application workloads
  • Configure the Tanzu CLI itself


You can install the Tanzu CLI on a physical or a virtual machine. This machine keeps the Tanzu and Kubernetes configuration files for your deployments, in the ~/.config/tanzu, ~/.kube-tkg, and ~/.kube directories. To install the Tanzu CLI, follow the instructions in the table below.


The Tanzu CLI is compatible with the following VMware products. The delivery and installation of the CLI is different depending on the product that you are using.

Product name Product version Compatible CLI version CLI and plugin installation
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid * v2 v0.25.0 Instructions
v1.6.0 v0.25.0 Instructions
v1.5.4 v0.11.6 Instructions
VMware Tanzu Application Platform v1.2 v0.11.6 Instructions
v1.1 v0.11.2 Instructions
v1.0 v0.11.1 Instructions

* Prior to Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.5, the version of the Tanzu CLI matched the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid version.

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