VMware Telco Cloud Automation enables you to schedule upgrades for TCA-CP systems installed at Telco Cloud sites through a centralized management interface.

Note: The option to schedule TCA-CP upgrades is deprecated in VMware Telco Cloud Automaton 2.2 and it will be removed in VMware Telco Cloud Automaton 2.3.

The TCA-CP Upgrade Manager interface allows you to upgrade those TCA-CP appliances that are connected to VMware Telco Cloud Automation. To upgrade VMware Telco Cloud Automation to a newer version, see #GUID-75EB92AE-C0DB-4E39-A3E8-50B7FCF7274A.

Using the TCA-CP Upgrade Manager interface provided by Telco Cloud Automation, you organize individual TCA-CP systems into logical groups. You then apply an upgrade schedule to each group. The group schedule is synchronized down to the TCA-CP systems associated with that group. When the schedule occurs, the individual TCA-CP systems in that group automatically begin the upgrade process. Each system provides its upgrade status back to the TCA-CP Upgrade Manager.

Note: Because the TCA-CP systems in a group are distributed across the Telco environment, the upgrade status reported by individual systems can vary depending on things such as network performance.
Note: The Schedule Upgrade feature is supported only on TCA-CP appliances that are activated using the SaaS mode and are actively connected to the Activation Server or the SaaS Server. For TCA-CP appliances that are activated using the Standalone mode, this feature is not supported. For upgrading these appliances individually, see the VMware Telco Cloud Automation Deployment Guide.
Note: You cannot schedule TCA-CP upgrade from a VMware Telco Cloud Automation Manager appliance that is in HA mode. The Schedule Upgrade option is deactivated when you migrate your VMware Telco Cloud Automation appliance from non-HA to HA mode.

Through group upgrade scheduling, Telco Cloud Automation can simplify and automate upgrade operations across your Telco environment.