VMware Telco Cloud Automation now provides secure options for accessing Kubernetes clusters. These options ensure that only those users with the required permissions have access to the clusters.

Earlier, to access a cluster, a user logged in as a Cluster API Provider vSphere (CAPV) user. The downside to this method was that it provided the user with unrestricted access across all clusters.

Now, a user can remotely access Kubernetes clusters from VMware Telco Cloud Automation using one of the following methods:
  • Access using the embedded SSH terminal.
  • Access using an external SSH terminal with a one time generated token from VMware Telco Cloud Automation.
  • Download and use the kubeconfig file provided by VMware Telco Cloud Automation. This file contains as endpoint the external address of VMware Telco Cloud Automation and the token for accessing the Kubernetes cluster.
This way, only those users who have the required permissions can access the cluster and perform only those operations that are allowed based on their privileges.