You can add, delete, and configure various sites to create the infrastructure.

You can add a management domain, workload domain for central site or regional sites. You can add compute clusters, or cell sites in Infrastructure Automation. You can also add a host for each site and perform security management for each appliance within domains.

You can modify the details of an already added site and view the appliances related to each site. You can resynchronize the site details after modifying the configurations, to ensure that all the configurations are working correctly.
  • Starting from Release 2.3, VMware Telco Cloud Automation terminates the support for creating a central data center, regional data center, and compute cluster using Infrastructure Automation. The feature will enter a maintenance mode starting from releases 2.1 and 2.2. Post termination, users will have the option to add the pre-deployed data centers through Infrastructure Automation in a VM-based deployment.
  • If you require the Host Profile function for a pre-deployed domain:
    • You need to deploy the Telco Cloud Automation Control Plane manually.
    • When configuring the Telco Cloud Automation Control Plane through Telco Cloud Automation Appliance Manager, you must use FQDN for the vCenter.
    • You must register the Telco Cloud Automation Control Plane on the Virtual Infrastructure page of the Telco Cloud Automation Manager.
Figure 1. Domains